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Camera Networks that Drive Revenue & Content

WMVision International delivers feature-rich, IP-based, HD camera networks, designed specifically for television stations. Click on the images below to view a sampling of our camera network. 

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Rome, Italy

Jerusalem District, Jerusalem

Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland

Click on the video above to play. 

Expand Your Contents Reach with FLEXChannel

WMVision's  FLEXChannel is a fully-automated “TV channel in a box”. It allows you to distribute production quality information, video, and advertising to your target market. FLEXChannel is currently being used by multiple industries to extend their reach. It can be viewed through a traditional platform such as television without the traditional complications or expense!  Imagine running your TV channel everywhere; on SmartTVs, on cable TV, in browsers being viewed on PCs, tablets, and across mobile devices.

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