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Texas Association of Broadcasters Conference

Visit booth 214 to see how WMVision can help you generate new revenue while enhancing your broadcasts!
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Provide fresh content for your news, traffic and weather stories with WxVision camera solutions. For over 25 years, WMVision has had a record of successfully delivering WxVision camera systems and software solutions. Together we'll weather storms and build long-term success!
Generate revenue through title and
camera/weather station site sponsorships

Access a global HD camera network through WxVision MediaHub

(Over 80 cameras throughout Texas!)

Flexible pricing for cameras and weather stations (CapEx/OpEx/etc.)

Live video/archived content/24x7 DVR & on-demand time-lapse video for broadcast and digital

Multi-user, web-based player platform with up to 12 SDI outputs

Integration with existing broadcast infrastructure: WSI Max/Baron Lynx/BitCentral Oasis/AccuWeather/Dalet
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Learn more about our FAST, OTT & IPTV Solutions!

The FLEXChannel is a fully automated “TV Channel in a box” solution. Share your your live, recorded, and pre-existing content through an innovative playout and distribution system for broadcast and OTT platforms.

FLEXChannel delivers your content and events to viewers worldwide with a live channel and the distribution platform to get it there!

See you in Austin, Aug. 2-3, for the largest state broadcast association convention in the nation.

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